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Welcome to Mukti Sanctuary

Mukti is a Sanskrit word meaning freedom/liberation and it perfectly defines what we stand for and why we want to create a safe and sustainable haven for humans and animals. 
For humans, this will be a place surrounded by nature, offering yoga retreats, sound therapy, vegan food and other fulfilling activities, always prioritizing kindness and sustainability. Additionally, we aim to make it more affordable, and will also offer a free place to sleep, free food and free events and workshops to those most in need. 
For the animals, this will be a place of rescue and a sanctuary for any that need it, be it wildlife, battery hens, liberated animals, or abandoned companion animals, because every creature deserves safety and love. We also hope to support the local as well as the wider community with spay and neuter campaigns, vet treatments and anything else we can do. 
Sanctuaries are having a hard time right now and whilst our offerings will be affordable, any profits will go straight back into the sanctuary to ensure that all of those in our care are well looked after.
The sanctuary will endeavour to be self sustainable, respecting all forms of life, and therefore be entirely vegan, for the animals, for the humans, for the planet.
Currently, I live in London and work full-time as a yoga teacher, yoga teacher trainer, and yoga therapist. When I’m not working, I am rehabbing wildlife, looking after, rescuing and rehoming animals.
I am in the process of finding affordable land in Portugal and I need your help. I will put all my savings into this project (there’s really not much though, animal rescue is expensive!) but they are nowhere near close to enough.  I will start small and go from there, so anything and everything you can do to help is very much appreciated. On the website there is a breakdown of costs and the project itself. With the aim of being 100% transparent, I will keep a running tab of all donations and how they are allocated. 

With your help and with everything else going to plan, we aim to open in December 2023.

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